Mark Varela

Equity Release Adviser

The business is established on a foundation of my personal values.

Being authentic means that you will always have someone who is open, honest, and generous.  I also value fairness, kindness, and tolerance when considering how I serve my customers.

Possibly the most important skill of an adviser is that of listening for others.  This means being curious about people, whist also being thoughtful and having empathy for each individual’s circumstances.

Being bold means bringing creativity and a growth mindset to my business to ensure I am always improving how I make a difference to the lives of my customers.

There are two values I hold at the heart of everything else I do.


Being joyful in whatever I do, which stems from being happy in my work and my life and being grateful for the opportunities I have to bring my expertise to help people achieve their financial goals and an improved standard of living in their later life years.

Being masterful is a way of operating and is achieved by building on my knowledge, qualifications, and achievements, and remaining focused on being the best at what I do.