The Advice Service

Our C.R.I.S.P. Four Stage Process

Discovery Call

Clear - Relaxed - Informative - Supportive - Practical

You will be clear on whether my service is able to help you achieve what you want.


Tell me in your own words what caused you to enquire today.


I will inform you if equity release is the right solution to consider further, or if an alternative solution could be better for you.


I will support you on the call, using my experience of hundreds of client conversations over several years experience.

You can book your 15 minute call now to suit you, ring me directly, or send an email using the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Fact Find Meeting

Clear - Relaxed - Informative - Supportive - Practical

The Fact Find process is straight-forward and I explain everything in plain English.

Much of the information is gathered during the course of a pleasant and relaxed conversation.

I will inform you of some options and how your personal requirements can be met.

Whether this is your first enquiry, you have done your own research, or even if you are not completely confident with financial discussions - my experience of advising a wide-range of different clients means I can support you in the right way.

We can talk at your home, on the telephone, or screen to screen with a simple to use video conference tool.


Clear - Relaxed - Informative - Supportive - Practical

You will receive my personalised written recommendation containing everything you need to make a decision for yourself as to whether this is right for you.

Relax and take your time with the decision and only proceed when you are comfortable that the benefits are worth the overall costs.

A second meeting is an opportunity for you to understand the recommendation and be informed of all of the key considerations and for you to ask as many questions as you like.

You can include a close relative or trusted friend to talk this through with - before, during, or after our meeting.

Meet at your home, or discuss on a telephone or video conferencing call.



Clear - Relaxed - Informative - Supportive - Practical

Our 'client application journey' document is visually clear and is your companion until you receive the released funds, with each step of the process described and timescales you can follow with ease.

Complete the application in your own time.  Don't leave any unanswered questions before you do.

You will be informed proactively throughout as your application progresses through each of the key stages.

You can complete the application yourself if you want to proceed with equity release, or if required I will support you and help you compile any supporting documentation required.

I pre-populate paper application forms where possible and can offer simple one-click digital submission with some lenders on your behalf.