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4 Reasons Equity Release Advice Puts You In The Driving Seat

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

If you are considering how you will finance a planned purchase, future project, or your ongoing general lifestyle then you may be asking yourself how to pay for it from a range of cash, credit, or other assets available to you.

If you are fortunate enough to have sufficient pension income, which is likely to include some personal or employer pension income, or are working either full-time, part-time, or more casually then income may not be a concern.

However, if you are living on a state pension income only, are retired early so not yet in receipt of your full pension income entitlement, or perhaps are widowed and have experienced a significant fall in income due to your dearly departed spouses pension no longer being payable, then you may be having to make unwanted compromises on the quality of your retirement lifestyle.

Regain Quality of Life

This might mean not having money to dine out as often, to enjoy the same quality of holidays you aspire to, or to treat family so often, or help them out when in financial needs. It may also be that you have to run an older car for longer, forego making any major home improvements, or give up on the idea of a conservatory, or landscaped garden. For some it may be the difference between eating three good meals a day and having heating and lighting on all day.

Savings and other financial assets may be available to 'cash-in', although in some cases that may cause discomfort that if you need quick cash you would have nowhere to turn if you used up all of your financial reserves. In some cases, it may be that a lack of a 'rainy day' fund is causing concern now and you know that there are things that require attention in the immediate future - a new car, or home repairs and maintenance. You may also have ongoing debt repayments that are costing you a significant portion of your income and in turn are causing some scarcity.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

If any of the above are causing you concern - I am sure you will agree that the best way to start to resolve this includes being informed, considering your options and may involve discussing with family or a close friend, and all of this can be facilitated by seeking financial advice.

There are a huge variety of services available of which some will be relevant for you and others less so, or not at all. Debt counselling, Citizen's Advice Bureau, and budget planning services are all valuable for many people.

Seek Professional Advice & Support

An equity release adviser may also be worth considering for the following reasons. At Mark Varela Equity Release Advice, our role and service puts you in the driving seat for the following four reasons:

  1. we listen to your requirements and concerns and understand what you want to achieve financially for your future.

  2. we consider and discuss a range of different options that may allow you to meet those requirements.

  3. we highlight any services (as previously mentioned) that you are advised to speak to as part of the assessment of meeting your requirements.

  4. we provide you with information and advice as to the suitability of an equity release product to meet your requirements and explain the advantages and the costs and impact of entering into such a product. You make your own decision in your own time whether to proceed or not.

Mark Varela Equity Release Advice - Clear, Relaxed, Informative, Practical, and Supportive service.

Call me on 01772 285917 now - to assess how I can help you.

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